Guys, Keeping in touch with his ex?

we've only started going out (2x) we were acquaintances for a long time. He keeps in touch with his ex and I can't deal with that. They were off and on for a few years but he pursued me. Call me sexist, but my experience with women concerning men isn't good. I don't trust them. Is it too early to talk about cutting off contact? I'm not sure because I also don't want to become more emotionally invested the longer I hold off.

A friend of mine said a guy keeps his exes around to keep the door open.


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  • If you've only just started going out (as you've said) then trying to get him to cut contact is way too pushy. It would come across as if you're trying to dictate who he can or cannot see.
    Saying this, I would be somewhat concerned about the ex. They were on and off for a few years (again, as you said) and for him to so quickly pull the 'sexism' card is a bit of a red flag. Is there anything in particular you said that made him go for the throat like that?

    • No I mean I'm sexist. Self proclaimed.

      We were supposed to go on our first date a long time ago and he backed out because he went back to her. We just met once and chatted online at that point. Since then I've had boyfriends and etc and even left the country for a bit. Now it's actually happening.

      Perhaps go with the flow, guard my heart until the commitment question comes up?

  • dont push your luck