I need advice please?

My boyfriend he's becoming real mean latley, if I try having just normal conversation because he works all day he says stuff like " do you talk just to hear yourself? " obviously I don't even talk that much for him to say I'm basically talking too much, he ignores me, stays on his phone, won't eat or sit by me, I'll go to bed without him, he demands anything out of me and from me and when he does, it has to be done at that second, we do have kids together. I tell him I love him, he doesn't respond so I say it again.. And he asks me do you just want to hear it back. He ignores me all the time. Honestly I just feel single, its to the point where I've given up. Yes I've tried talking to him about it. NOTHING can be talked about without turning into a huge fight, the thing is I'm real nice to him. He's been hateful towards me for no reason. So can anyone explain why or what I can do to fix the relationship before I just leave? Another thing he obviously doesn't believe he ever does anything wrong so I'm clueless you can't change someone who can't see a fault in their actions. I'm hanging by my last thread. Shead some light?


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  • Counseling can probably help, but only if he's willing. If not leave with your kids and make him pay by making him pay for child support. The end

    • Why is he acting crazy?

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    • I don't believe in the whole counseling thing. He has been with me long enough to know what makes me mad, upset. He knows how to properly treat a woman, he knows he has a family (children). He's either trying to see how far he can push me, not caring, or actually purposely trying to want me to walk out, because he can't find a legit reason to. Because I'm good to him. If he cared in any type of way he'd just quit. In all reality if you have to go to therapy it's already over. Can't force someone to love.

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  • I am sorry for you 😖 try tell him that you are seriously and if he can't see he is hurting you then this could be the end 😔


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  • I'm so sorry to hear this 😔 He may just be stressed for some reason, but that's no excuse to take it out on you 🙁

    • If he just doesn't love me. He'd say it back at least.

    • Yeah that's true 😔 I don't have relationship experience sadly, so I don't think I can tell you anything you don't know.
      I'm sorry 😔😔

  • Counseling/couples therapy is clearly indicated. You are not going to fix any of this on your own...


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  • Wow, I am very sorry to hear this.

    To me, it seems like he is either cheating or resenting you for something. Has anything in your lives changed recently?

    • No I can't believe cheating, if he is it doesn't involve a phone in any way shape or form, trust me I've investigated that was nunber one and I'm pretty smart, I've checked gps, okay I'm about to sound crazy but I've recoved all deleted photos on his phone not one chick, he doesn't even watch porn. The only thing I can't see is texts or calls but I mean he'd also need the free time which he doesn't have. The only legit possible way he could be cheating is if it was a girl from work and she knew about me. Because their is nothing or no proof. I may come off as weird but in my eyes if someone is acting that insane towards me out of the blue he was asking me to go looking for info. But he's clear from what I found out. Nothing new has happened besides this all started when he went from afternoon shift to morning shift. The whole relationship has gone to hell since. Wish I knew I ask him whats wrong I get no answer and if I lash back on him for disrespecting me he blames every issue

    • Or problen on me, so theirs really no hope. If he does have someone in mind, then he does. Whatever at this point. I'm just getting to the I tried and I don't care anymore stage with him. Also it's just hard to believe he'd cheat when I haven't seen a change in clothes or grooming. Sorry but men defiantly clean up real good before meeting up with a woman, specially his type. I think back to the days we first met. he's clear haha

    • Girl, get that evidence whichever way you can. 😉

      When you ask him what is wrong, what does he say?

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