Im a 19 year old guy, and I never had as much as a kiss?

I am 19 years old and I never had a girlfriend. I never even had a kiss. Im a normal guy, I have a job, I have friends and I go out with them, I also play guitar and have a few more hobbies. As for the looks, I am about 6'3 tall and about 190lbs. I have short hair and a short beard. I am not a weirdo or anything like that. Yet girls aren't interested in me. I have friends who are girls, but I never had a girlfriend. And I wasn't saving myself for "the one" or "somebody special". I just never had a chance to be with anybody. No girl was ever attracted to me. Ever. I don't know whats so terribly wrong with me, but this is making me feel depressed and its ruining other aspects of my life. Help?
P. S. Don't write bullshit like "it will come, it will happen to you too, be patient" etc. If it was going to happen to me, it would have like 4-5 years ago like it did to everybody else my age. And 90% of my generation is having sex, while I don't even know what a kiss on the lips feels like. Obviously it will NOT just 'happen'


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  • If girls are consistently turning you down, there must be a reason. Are you coming off as desperate perhaps? Or maybe you act too serious (most girls at that age just want to have fun). Or something else? Time to be honest with yourself about what vibes you're giving off. Unfortunately, I can't tell you the problem since I don't know you, so you have to figure it out - or ask a friend maybe.

    • All of my friends think I can get laid easily etc. so asking them won't help really. And you are right, its probably about the vibe, but I can't figure out how every other guy I know on this planet managed to find a girl thats interested in them. Everybody except me, of course, girls dont like me

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  • When you're walking around or waiting for a ride or something. Look for girls who aren't really doing anything. They could be standing in a hallway waiting for a class, in a line, in an elevator with you whatever.

    Literally just walk up to them and tell them that they are cute and that you want to go out and do something with them (have something in mind because if their interested they normally say "Like what?") Just ask them for their number.

    The world is filled with these invisible boundaries that society puts up we never cross them out of fear but the truth is, girls are a numbers game. Even a guy who takes a girl home every night will tell you that you will get rejected more times then not. You gotta have thick skin if you wanna play.

    • Yes, I read that in some books about seduction, and it also seems to work out for everyone. But not me. I have been trying to find a girl from the age of 12. That's 7 years of complete failure. I don't think its about persistancy

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  • Well if it makes you feel better I've never been kissed before or had sex and im 25.

  • Well, you kind of have to be the man. Act like one, talk like one, be one in general. SO, before you start saying "what the hell is she talking about, you don't know me.", I'm not saying you aren't a man. BUT, you need to be sort of assertive. Ask girls, to go out with you. Develop a strong relationship with a girl and see where it goes. Also about the sex part, there is many ways to get sex. Relationships aren't about sex.

    p. s ignore my age it is inaccurate

    • I tried asking girls out, as I said, no girl was ever attracted to me. As for sex, I am aware that I will probably never have sex in my life. Since even a kiss is impossible for me, its pointless to talk about sex

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  • Are you actually actively going on dates/asking people out? You're not going to find someone if you're not looking

    • I am looking, but Im not going on dates, because a girl needs to like you in order to go out with you and as I said no girl ever liked me

    • Well that's where you start then. You need to talk to girls and get to know them so that the two of you can get to grips with each other and know if you actually like each other

    • You're not listening. I am trying and I have been trying for years. Approaching and talking to them etc. But no girl was ever attracted to me. No results.

  • My first kiss happened when I was 19. I know you said you didn't want to hear this but it just happened. She was the first girl that had ever been interested in me (or at least the first to actually tell me) and then we kissed shortly after we shared our feelings. It just took meeting the right girl and things developed after that. Of course if you don't want to wait around for a girl to come to you, you can always try to initiate a relationship with any girl you find attractive and your odds go up. Personally I'd prefer to get to know the girl first then be comfortable enough to move into a relationship and the kissing will likely follow soon after.

    • It's still different for you. The girl came to you. That's literally NEVER going to happen to me.

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    • I have been going after girls for about 7 years. Failed everytime. I was never even close to being with any girl. And if it was going to happen to me, it would have years ago, like it happened for everybody else I know

    • That's not true. Just because it happened for your friends years ago and not you doesn't mean it'll never happen. Like i said, I was 19 before I had any relationships, its just takes meeting someone who takes an interest in you or actually going up to girls and showing them you are interested. I had multiple friends in high school that were with girls and no girl ever showed interest in me. Just because it didn't happen so soon for me didn't mean it just wasn't gonna happen. I just had to wait longer, but trust me when you finally do find someone its a great feeling that makes the wait worth it.