What does it mean if your ex said we caught each other at a bad time? Is it an excuse?

Ex said he broke up with me because there was no trust. He said his love swayed after one month as well when I falsely accused him. ( there's always two sides of the story though so please don't be quick to jump to his side). He didn't try to work it out and after I said goodbye, he easily said goodbye to me.
Is caught each other at a bad time just an excuse?

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  • No
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  • The fact that he doesn't trust you enough to even ask what happend and take ur side & give u multiple chances, Shows that he doesn't deserve you.

    • Yeah I told him why I felt and doubted him. He put the blame on me and broke up with me

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    • Bit unfortunate but out of ur control. Was just practice for the right guy! Least your head is not in the clouds. You sound like you see it clearly. I'm just glad it's over sooner than later.. Its definitely a benefit for you. You know what u bring to the table for the next guy and now know what u want

    • Thank you. I feel ugly inside but I know I deserve better. Waiting for my next guy and definitely going to screen better. My ex was an alcoholic and a gambler that sat on his butt and played games all day or was at a bar/club. Definitely don't want that for my future to babysit.