What does it mean when a guy invite you to a public jacuzzi?

I have been dating with a guy (whom I met in my class this fall) for couple times and we get along pretty well. We hung out but we are not officially in a relationship yet. Recently when we hung out and we were thinking about what to do after dinner, he suggested going to a Jacuzzi in gym. I am a germophobe so I’ve never tried Jacuzzi other than those in my family/friends’ house. I am wondering what guy is thinking about when suggesting a Jacuzzi date? Since it is in a public setting so it shouldn’t lead straight to sex correct? Again, I’ve never been to a public hot tub and so I want to know what to expect if I go. Thanks.


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  • He's probably expecting something sexual to happen.

    • Thanks! But since it’s a public hot tub and I assume there will be people other than the two of us, he probably can’t do something sexual I guess?