Very confused about her, any help?

Girl seems like she likes me, but also gave me the dreaded "maybe". She wanted me to sit next to her during class, in which we joked around the whole time and she gave me her snapchat. In person she seemed very flirty and interested. We snapped a little back and forth, and eventually I asked if she wanted to get lunch sometime and she said "maybe one day!!" (at this point I was hoping it was just autocorrect from Monday haha). I took maybe as a no, and just let things fade for the night. Next day she initiates convo with me, and starts asking em random questions, then I start asking her things until it dies down a little. I see her next tomorrow so I can judge how she is again in real life, but does she like me? She rejected my first offer it seems but the other signals have me so confused. Any thoughts?


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  • I don't think she is interested. She was just being polite/letting you down gently.


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