Is it okay that I don't feel "butterflies" from my man? More just extreme comfort in him?

I know I can be myself around him and that he'all support me in all decision. But no butterflies or spark. Is this okay?

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  • You're experiencing what we call being with a guy who is good for you rather than being with the guy that excites you. It's the good guy vs the bad boy idea. Your guy is very much a strong provider that makes you feel safe and warm. Which is awesome and great to have. You're just curious about the excitement that you're not currently feeling. I'd say you should try to do things to add spice to your relationship and talk to him about it.

    • It's kind of like a guy being with an awesome chick who has a great personality and has great chemistry with, but she's overweight. It's not bad, but if it's an issue just go on a diet with her and teach her to do squats. Deal with the issue if the person is worthwhile to you. It's a good relationship.

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  • I think its fine, but if you've lost interest in him then thats bad. Being comfortable and happy whenever his around is the most important part 😊


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  • That's not so good... You're still very young butterflies and sparks should still play an important role...

    • But I feel so at ease with him

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