Girls/Women out there, Should I compliment the girl I have a crush on?

There is this girl i met yesterday in the classroom, i was pretty straightforward " I would like to take you on a date with me this weekend" and she accepted and gave me her number; I would like to start a serious relationship with her.

So tomorrow, we are gonna see each other again, and i bought some chocolate for her, is it bad to compliment a girl when things are starting? or should i wait until we become official?

Still working in my English... Thanks.

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I'm not sure if i used the correct word, but i hope you understand what i mean.


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  • I think its okay to compliment her on her outfit at the beginning of the date. But thats it, dont compliment her on her looks anymore during the date because she will think that you only want sex. You can compliment her on her personality though! Just not too over the top because it will come across as not being genuine