Is she not interested?

i always lock eyes with this beautiful girl from my school. And she always looks at me from a distance. Im very social and always have friends around me.

i spoke to her once and it was short and simple. I found on her fb and sent her a message and was teasing her in a playful way. I asked for her number but she didn't respond.

she is normal and social around everyone. But with me she would look and then look away repeatdely. I'll wave hello and she walk by as if I'm not there.

i don't know if she is shy just around me or not interested. Do girls avoid guys they like?


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  • For me personally, if I like a guy, and I don't know him well, then I would behave just like the girl you described. Pretend like I didn't see you out of nervousness. But I'm also shy, and you say that she's not shy. But If she's shy only around you, that could mean she's into you. But the fact that she didn't give you her number could mean that she's probably not interested.

    • I asked her for number via message on fb. I saw her today but she was with friends walking down the hall. We looked at each other and smiled and went with our life. I dot. Know

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  • My one tip: don't go psycho about it, if you get obsessive with her you'll push her away instead of closer