He said he loved me after a week. Red flag?

I went out on one date with a guy who was in my class in high school. We had never really talked, but had mutual friends and always said hello in passing. A few days after the date he came over twice to watch movies. We had sex. Too soon I'm sure. Whatever. However, the second time he came over he was a little intoxicated and told me he loved me. I would have just figured it was him being drunk after bowling, but then he went to show me something on Google. When he went to search it "how to tell someone you love them" was already on Google. So now I don't know if it wasn't just a drunken thing. He's not clingy, and is genuine, nice guy. What am I supposed to think about this? We are 24 and 25. Do adults actually think they're in love with someone this soon? Is this a huge red flag?
He said he loved me after a week. Red flag?
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