Guys, during a relationship, how long of a break do you need to think of what you want and what to do next?

I don't get enough attention from my long distance boyfriend and i mentioned that a break up might be good. He refused and asked for a couple of days to think of what would be best for us. Have not heard from him for a week. Shall i consider it's his way of breaking up? Why didn't he just accept to break up when i mentioned it?
How long would be enough for him to "think"?
Why doesn't he just discuss with me directly and make a joint decision?

It might be difficult at first after a break up, but it will be better than leaving it problematic.
He is not the cheating type but i am an attention seeker and I am very jealous when he goes quiet (work or out with friends).

what should i do? move on or wait?


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  • You have to do what is best for you. If he is acting weird and distant and not giving you enough attention then breaking up is the right thing to do. Because you shouldn't waste any more of your precious time waiting for him to decide what he wants.


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  • You should just contact him. Tell him you're trying to respect his need to take time and think, but you feel kinda hung out to dry and you would like an answer from him. If he can't give you an answer or is still unsure then you can just cut it off yourself. It doesn't HAVE to be a joint decision.

    • I want it to be a mutual decision. I have a lot of feeling for him and i know he does too. But as i already tried to talk, he just asked again and again for time to think. I don't know what to do now.

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    • Thank you for your answer. It helps a lot

    • You're welcome, it's a difficult situation, but I think it's better to move on sooner rather than later.

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  • You only suspect he has silently dumped you - you may be wrong, so it would be very shitty for you to do that to him.

    If you want to leave, leave. But tell him.

    • I did try to talk to him. I said there's no need to think of an easier break up if thats what he's thinking of. He said he only needs a couple of days to think what would be best for us so i left him be. I have a lot of feeling for him so breaking up is not ideally, though if he is not even sure he wants to be with me nor wants to discuss problems, it's best to end now. We aren't teenagers so i think a discussion is required. Do guys normally need to think like this? I think it's simple, if he wants to be with me then we talk it through and figure out what to do together.

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    • What would be fair? I already said. If you dump him, tell him.

    • Already said. But im trying to understand this and somehow make it work. A relationship takes 2, so any problem within a relationship should be discussed with the two involved.

  • Move on


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