Girls Please Help?

ok so i ket this girl on pof...
we talked and now we are together..
im starting to loose intrest bad..
she doesn't take care of herself and considers herself. tom boy? wth
what really turned me off was her mustache like omg u gotta b kidding me... my uncle will roast me for the rest of my life... any ways she can't evem remove that n says she trys to b more girls but i jst can't b with her am i wrong dor this to. loose intrest?


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  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 sorry for laughing but this is just so funny. You must have seen her tache before you started dating so why is it now an issue? She can wax her tache regularly or even try laser removal. I would go with waxing right now though.

    • didn't see it on the pic.. n wen i did see i couldnt tell her.. thn one time she cam with pink lipstick n that mustache stood out so bad i was like. wtf lmao

  • ow dear I'm sure you can find someone who is better suited

    • ya i jst feel bad i dnt want to make her cry last time she called me all sad saying y am i being serious

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    • well what are you worrying about then?

    • jst being a doosh..

  • Then tell her that you're no longer interested. I don't see a problem.


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