Why does he call me every night after our break up and not make a sound?

We broke up for 2 months now and every single day without fail he would call me and it would be silent. At first I yelled and scold him but afterwards it became a routine. It would be a lie to say I don't miss him. I still miss and love him. After all we breaking up is something so sudden.


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  • he wants to know u are okay / get back to u /
    depends on the breaking up

    • We fought badly...
      then I told him then we should breakup then
      then he said if we breakup will you be happy then?
      so I said at least I won't be crying over you...
      then he said okay and we broke up

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    • tried to... lol

    • what does he change it

  • Hopefully he doesn't say "7 days", that'd be pretty fucked up.


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  • He's checking on you. Seeing you aren't with another man or trying to get your attention.