So, what sort of happened?

Met this guy in one of my classes, we chatted all during one and he seemed really nice and funny. Gave him my snapchat, we talked a little he asked a lot of questions about me and so on, eventually he even asked me out but I said "maybe" because I didn't know him to well. We snap a little more and I don't see him for another day. He eventually tells me to save him a seat in class (via snap), and he has a story to tell me. I found a seat with a seat open next to it. I sat down there, but the guy next to the open seat started talking to me, and joking around. He walked in and saw us talking, sort of looked over, then took a seat at the back of the room instead of next to me. He barely tried to talk to me all class, and he kept looking over but saw the other guy talking to me (I was joking with the other guy a little and laughing with him, because I didn't want to make it awkward). When the bell rang, he darted out of the class, and the guy who was next to me the whole time, I walked out of the class with. Now he isn't even snapping me anymore. What happened?


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  • He probably thinks that you were flirting with the other guy and feels embarrassed because he asked you to save him a seat then came into class to see that. Have you tried snapping him first? I think he's defo into you so maybe keep trying to make effort with him - like sitting next him when you're next in class together to show that your interested in him and not the other guy


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