Why is he lying to people about us?

this guy has been telling people that we are dating (which I actually found out through another person) and I asked him about it but he just keeps saying "We are dating" mind you I've never showed interest in this guy, ever. at first I thought he was joking but now he's giving me nicknames and I don't know just thought I would get some opinions on this! do you think it's a joke?


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  • May be insecure about you both being in an open relationship. My opinion

    • Oh no we were never dating he's been lying to people that we were for some reason

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    • oh, im sorry to hear that though 😔

    • It happens.

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  • Ask him what makes him think you are dating. If you like him, tell him you do not think you two are dating right now, but can start if he wants. If you do not like him however, tell him you are not dating and that you'd prefer just to be friends. Tell him this gently though so as not to hurt his feelings.

    Last year I found out a guy in my class had apparently said we were going out. I liked him a little bit, but we'd barely really spoke. I'd speak to him and be friendly, but I don't recall saying anything that implied we were going out - Heck, I think I'd know if I was dating someone!

    I never really asked him about it though. Honestly, I kind of thought he was gay, which I told the classmate, who unfortunately told the guy. He didn't seem mad or anything though, and seemed cool next time we spoke after that. Nothing was mentioned about us going out though.

    I'm still confused about that now, maybe the classmate got confused or something, I don't know :S

    • Okay : ) thank you for your answer : )

    • You're welcome :) Hope you are able to sort things out and this boy leaves you alone if you don't like him that way

    • hopefully : )

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