Hearing from her, how often before it is too much?

you are not dating her but are very interested in her. You two are in contact with each other about 2-3 times a week. How often in the span of a week would it be too much in your eyes to keep connecting before you find it a chore or begin to lose interest in her?


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  • I've been wondering the same thing myself lol. It seems to depend on the person and if they have a lot going on, or if they are really interested in talking to you.

    I find meeting in person a much better way to start gauging interest and you have more little inside jokes and things to mess around with over texts until you hang out again. If it seems like all you can think of talk about is "how was your day" that is probably a sign to just wait until you hang out again or only text about when you are going to hang out again.

    Thats basically what I do anyways, but if a girl wants to text me everyday I would care less if I was really into her, so again it leads back to hanging out in person and seeing what level things are at.

    • Would you rather have her text you everyday or every couple of days? Choose only one please. I am curious what a guy thinks anout this

    • If its my girlfriend I'd want to hear from her everyday personally. Not every 3 hours, even if it a snapchat selfie I don't have to necessarily respond to, but something.

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