Why does she want? HELP me guys and girls?

She gave me signs , I told her I like you,
she walked away , i said if u change your mind let me know
and then again she gave me signs but i did not approach her now becoz she did not say hi to me and something , she just looked at me.
What i have experienced in past is if a woman likes u, and she knows u like, she will make an effort definitely coz she doesn't want to fck it up.
What should I do?

  • Dude, u did your part as a man, she now knows u like her , she blew u off, if she really likes u she will make an effort or let her go.
  • You should approach her one last time, she doesn't want to look easy.
  • Others (please give suggestions in comments)
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  • Im not sure if it's "because she doesn't want to look easy" but she's probably shy and never had to approach anyone before but if you really like her just be patient and be a friend I'm sure she will come around soon

    • Thnx for ur valuable opinion,
      She doesn't talk to any guy in the class becoz she doesn't want to talk to any guy so everyone assumed that she has a boyfriend, but she flirted with only me in the class
      she gave me eyes, she hit me with her bag accidentaly while walking past me, she also looks at me from far away when the lecture is going on.
      Im sure she likes me but i dont understand if she has a boyfriend or she is single coz my friends say that they have seen her with some dude dropping her and receiving her after class,
      but since the day i proposed her, no one saw her with that dude again and she also de-activated her fb too after that day.
      what do u make out of it?

    • Either they could have broken up, or she took what you said in perspective. I'd give her some space right now and then maybe try to approach her again but try smilling at her and make her warm up to you

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