I like him, he likes me, but he told me he wasn't over his ex. What do I do?

We really hit it off from the beginning. We were acquaintances and I never really saw him in a romantic way. Until he initiated everything- asked me to go for coffee with him at work, got my number then messaged me asking to hang out. We hung out a few times, he insisted kissing me, even infront of all his friends. When he got drunk he said he liked me and that I was interesting. We were inseparable for a few days. But then when we met up for dinner one night after spending the whole morning together with friends, things seemed off. He was standoffish and different.. he told me he was trying not to kiss me and that he was still not over his ex, which came out of nowhere. After that we didn't really see other much and talked a bit. We went on vacation for a month and then I left for 3 weeks.

Until last night he showed up to the bar. I was cordial with him but didn't pay much attention to him. But he couldn't keep away from me. He kept coming over to me and talking to me and being flirty. At the end of the night he tried to walk me home but I refused. I've been trying to move on because he clearly didn't know where his heads at. I do like him still, he likes me, but he's not over his ex ( told me that a month a half ago- could he be over her now that he's being flirty with me and al over me?).. What do I do? What are his intentions


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  • So you went on vacation with him for a month? Or was that a miss type and was meant to be "He" went on vacation for a month and you were gone for 3wks?

    I don't know if he thought things were getting too serious and pulled away? Him coming back and talking/circling you might be because he's horny.

    I doubt he's over her now if he wasn't back then. If you're real want to know, you could hangout and have fun... without the sex and see if he still wants to be around you. If it's only about getting laid...2 <4 weeks without any and he would probably leave you alone. If he sticks around than maybe it's more than sex.

    • He went on vacation for a month not us together

    • So you guys didn't hook-up? I still have the feeling it's all about sex with him.

    • Not last night but a month ago yes

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    Don't mess with guys who can't be with you because they're not over their ex.

    • ^^ Listen to this woman and her crazy kitty picture. XD

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    • ;) You summarized it. & Thank you.