Reject me but still flirt and talk, why?

So I had my first college crush so to say, and she seemed interested in me as well. We joked and talked and eventually exchanged contact info. I texted her later, having a small convo with her, and then asked her if she wanted to go out sometime. She gave me the dreaded "maybe sometime" and in my experience that usually means no. So I brushed it to the side, and still talked a little, but backed off on being flirty. However, she still constantly looks over at me in class, and talks to me, then acts flirty as well. She also initiates some of the texting conversations, but today, she asked me a series of questions via text.

After answering all her questions, I asked her one, and she said "I am super super busy today and can't really chat, sorry. We will talk later". Which confused me, as why would should start a convo then shut me down if she was busy in the first place? The girl is pulling my strings, she seems intrested and goes out of her way to talk to me, but sort of rejected me and shuts down conversations. I'm just gonna write her off as a flirt soon, and attention seeker, but I don't know. Does she like me and is just shy, or what is it?


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  • You answered your own question. She's pulling your strings. Maybe she just likes knowing she has you dangling?

    • Thats what I was afraid of. Her friends also seem to try and lead me over to her, if that makes sense. I also hear them talking about the two of us being together behind my back (they sit not to far away from me, and I hear them talking and looking over at me). That was the only thing that made me think maybe she was interested, but seeing as I already asked her out, I see no point. Its very hard, I would honestly just ask her, but since she is in a class, and half the kids in there are all in her little group, I wouldn't want it to be awkward if that makes sense. Its just very hard nowadays to know how someone feels...

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    • Yeah, I have showed enough signs I'm interested, hell, I asked her out. Balls in her court, but whatever happens happens. Life is to short, just gotta keep moving forward!

    • Good attitude! 👍🏻

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  • It sounds like she likes the attention. She might even be a little interested and attracted but not enough to move forward. So, she likes just having a cute guy to flirt with and pay attention to her in the meantime. She isn't just being shy because she is texting and talking to you too. She also might be very flirtatious and is talking and flirting with a lot of guys for fun but that is all it is for her.


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  • either she is just being nice
    or she just wants sex and not a relationship

    • I'm gonna roll with her just being nice, and leave it at that.

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