Serious dating and texting?

the girl and i who've been seeing eachother for the past month have decided to call it official, and both removed ourselves from dating sites and potential suitors that we've been chatting with.

now i see her more often in person now, and the dating is going great- however, the texting on her end has cooled down considerably. i mean it used to be that we would text back and forth all day extremely enthusiastically but now it's not even half of that volume on her part, both in enthusiasm and length.

but once again, in person we're doing great.

so i'm just wondering if this is something that frequently happens.


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  • I think it is completely normal. It is part of the exciting, getting to know each other at first but you have to admit you cannot go on like that forever. I am guessing you both have jobs and things to do when you are not around. I think it is just becoming a more solid and settled relationship. The honeymoon phase never lasts forever but it is nice when it becomes more secure.

  • eventually you ran out of things to say and it can't always be what it was before

  • She still replies back to your text and still communicates with you..
    And in person you two are doing fine.
    So don't worry about it. She's probably been busy with her life


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