Why is my ex so dumb?

My ex/ father of my child constantly blows my phone up. He tells me things like, I want to help you in your life goals, our goals together and individually. like he has a girlfriend, shouldn't that be the conversations he has with her? he says dumb stuff like that to me all the time. Im just really confused, I understand that we have a kid together but that's it, he acts so weird about it.


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  • Just ignore him with bullshit things like that and communicate only about your child's stuff. To keep the peace you can kindly remind him that you don't need him or any man to achieve your life goals and for him to worry about his and his new gf's.

    • yeah I don't get it. like he'll try to call at 11p,. im like does your girlfriend know you call your ex at this late. I donk he is happy with his new girlfriend, and the choice he made.

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