Controlling anger?

What to do when a man doesn't know how to control his anger and then argues with everyone around him?


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  • I'd let him know lol and find him alternatives to do when angered


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  • There's nothing to do. You cannot control people.
    You could try not to feed his anger by remaining calm but still, that may anger even more certain people so it depends on the person.
    But once again, there's nothing you could do. You may try as much as you can to find ways to "help" but without a serious effort and desire to change from the person that is concerned, there's is really nothing to do.


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  • He needs help. Anger management type of help

    • I mean in the heat of the moment, what to do?

    • When he's angry at something, don't argue back because the more you do the more he's going to get angry. All you have to do and everyone has to do is listen and eventually he'll calm down.

  • If the man looses his temper quite often, that's a bad apple to be holding on to. Ditch him.


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