Girls, Girls are you into a guy when you say this?

Ok so a girl I work with came in today I said what's up to her her she said what's up then said you look really good in that blue shirt and it really shows off your muscles


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  • I don't think she would randomly go around telling guys that their muscles look good, at least i won't. So i do think she was trying to be a bit flirty😊

    • So want do you think she wants?

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    • Never had a girl do that before I'm so used to insults

    • Really? Well if someone insults you after you compliment them, they are just assholes and you don't need that in your life! If you compliment her and she says something mean, just say something like well damn just trying to be nice but okay! And then you just have to leave her be because you don't need that kind of negativity in your life

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  • Girls will give real compliments like that not meaning it in a flirty way. If she said it like "you look really cute in that blue shirt " or "really hot" then I would think she would coming off as she likes you.

    • Yeah she goes you look really good in it and it shows off your muscles

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