Why does he keep coming back?

So I dated this man last year and we broke up for no real reason. Then a month or so later he comes back. I naturally ignored him. Then he disappeared for a while. Mind you we work at the same place and he rearranged his schedule to make sure we didn't work the same shifts. Then months later he comes back and I allowed him back in. But only as friends. He then wrecks my relationship and tried to get me back. I gave him a second chance and we ended up breaking up again because well no reason again. Needless to go on he leaves and comes back. Can someone please tell me why?


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  • He keeps coming back because of how you treat him. Sounds like he is using you to me. You keep lifting him back on his feet then he leaves and when he falls back down seems he comes running back to you.


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  • You allow it. You give him permission to behave like this.


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