He says he likes me and he misses me, but why doesn't he want to hang out?

I've known this guy for a little while and we both know we like each other. We've kissed and made out and he's really nice. The problem is that yesterday he told me that we were going to hang out today so I was really excited and looked forward to spend some time actually getting to know him. But what happened was that plans fell through and we never hung out. He said he didn't ditch me and that plans changed. I understand that, however, I did not appreciate it that he kept me stringing along saying "oh afterward we can can hang out" and not sticking to his words. I would have been fine with an apology or him showing some kind of consideration. But I was angry and he doesn't understand why.

P.S. he texted me "good morning Monica"...

my name is Andrea -_-


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