Girls, Why do girls take provocative photos on social media?

So I was seeing a girl from work with a view for it to becoming a relationship but she wanted to take things slow as she had only just got out of a long term relationship. I am 33 she is 23 and she didn't want people from work to know we were dating in case it effected her career or in case it didn't work out and she was worried she would be "mugged off" like she has in the past at a previous work place. I had every intention of making this work and for it to become more serious. Everything was fine for about a month until people at work knew something was going on. During this time we were seeing each other she would often put up photos of her cleavage on snapchat and when we went to a works function she would put her hand up to her mouth and seductively pose with the photo including her cleavage, what I describe as a "come f#ck me" photo. She would also put up photos on instagram and facebook for everyone to see. I found myself getting really anxious and wondered if she was serious about is or whether she was actually just with me until someone else came along, keeping her options open if you will. Question is why do girls often do this? Its worth mentioning at this point that she also flirts quite openly whilst at work functions but has always said she would never cheat as she despises it. I never had a problem with her dressing in a way which showed her body off when going out but the photos on social media bothered me. Someone close to her told me that her dad left when she was young and as a consequence never had the attention she needed when she was younger so now she constantly seeks other peoples attention. In the end the fun went out of it for both of us and we decided not to continue so we went our separate ways. She told me she needs to be single for a while but she did have feelings for me and she wanted to keep in touch and maybe in the future we could give it a go. Since then I found out she has had 4 dates with 4 different guys. The mind boggles!!!


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  • For a 33 year-old man to be concerned about an attention-seeking 23-year-old GIRL, is what boggles MY mind.

    Let's start with WHY women do this:

    - Daddy issues is an EXCUSE
    - Women who result to such behaviour, thrive on short-lived attention because they feel insignificant &/or not ENOUGH for a man, i. e., they are INSECURE.

    She will not stop, because it gives her the validation she desires, even if it doesn't last long.

    It's a CHEAP way of getting attention, & something LOW value women resort to.

    My advice to you: Think TWICE.

  • Its for the attention, the likes, the DMs, the private messages, its being noticed and approval. She is 23 and wants to shop around a bit. You are at different life stages. You have filtered many more of your likes and dislikes and she is most likely still finding out what she wants and where she wants to be.