Are blonde girls more attracted to dark haired guys?

Another way to ask this, in general, if you did a survey among dark haired girls and blonde girls, which group of girls would be most frequently say they are more attracted to dark guys?

  • Yes, blonde hair girls are often more attracted to dark haired guys as opposites attract.
  • No, blonde girls often prefer blonde guys as similar features attract
  • Whether a girl likes dark haired guys have nothing to do with her being blonde
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Im a redhead and most of the guys I have been attracted to had dark hair. I have dated a couple of blondes but always found darker hair more attractive. I think it depends on the guys overall look. My current guy is a blonde and I think he's incredibly good looking. Its all in the overall look of the guy. I dont think being blonde or any hair color makes you like one hair color more than the other. I have seen some blondes with other blondes, dark haired people together, grey hair with a blonde... You like what you like.


Most Helpful Guy

  • There is nothing set in stone. Love has no preference. You don't choose who you fall for. That's more of a thing to do with lust.


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  • There more attracted to juiced up bros!