Is there a way to recover from having "the talk" too soon?

I wasn't even trying to define the relationship or what we were doing but that's how he took it. So we are back to being "just friends". But even though he is a lot more distant, he still gives occasional signs that he might still have feelings for me. I don't know whether to try and talk to him about it, or just back off and see what happens, or just let it go for good. He just confuses me because he still flirts with me a little when I see him.


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  • I would just let it go and see what happens. Women seem to want to talk way too much instead of letting things work itself out. I'm sure you'll go back to being more than friends soon.


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  • I would just back off too. Maybe he will realize he likes you and still want to hang out but he probably feels pressure now and if he hangs out with you that you are going to take it as more than it is, so, unfortunately he might be scared off now. So, I would back off and prepare to move on all together. Don't regret anything though, I don't know how long you were hanging out for but you put yourself out there and go after what you want and you should always do that. If he was leading you on then it was his fault, not yours.


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