If a girl asks you out, do you still say yes even you are not that into her?

I went on a date with this guy 2 weeks ago, we had a great time together we ended up making out..

he was showing signs/saying stuffs that indicate he feels he's not good enough for me/insecure.

anyways, it's been almost two weeks and he wouldn't bother asking me out (especially after we almost had sex that night I thought guys would be thrilled to set up for the next date asap so they can score.. Lol) we were very attracted to each other and it was an amazing make out session lol at least to me.

so. I asked him out yesterday for the second date, and he said yes. !!
and now I'm just wondering if guys say yes when a girl ask them out even they not that into her?

im wondering because he barely texts me (he's not a big texter but still) and he just wouldn't ask me out past two weeks.


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  • seriously, girls gotta stop thinking guys have to do everything, especially when its up to the girl to decide on what she wants from a guy.

  • Well the way you explained it he does like you. He's just shy or has confidence problems. I wouldn't go on a date with someone if I didn't like them. I've never met someone who would do that.

  • If I'm not sure of my feelings, I'll give it a go to see if there is SOMETHING bewteeeeeeeeen us


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