What if she is beginning to lose interest?

i have been waiting on a guy to ask me out and he knows this but he is taking his time to do this because of some personal issues. I can confirm that the feeling is mutual. I have very recently been beginning to lose interest in him but i really like him and dont want to fully give up either.

two questions about this:
1. If you were him and noticed the decline in interest on her part, woud you do somethingabout it?
2. Woud you stick to your plan to see if she has the endurance to go through your test to gauge seriousness?

Is he trying for a slow win with me?


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  • You can only go through these tests so much. The most recent girl I was seeing acted hot and cold for a couple of weeks. Started to worry she's lost interest so I started searching for others then bam she showed more interest and then on our 3rd date, I found some shady shit on her behalf. Was still interested but she ended up ditching me.

    If you like this guy let him know or even ask him out. No one has patience for mind games because how long do you have to play them before they stop and you both know you like each other?

    • Assuming you were the guy in question, if i always showed you interest and reciprcated conversation with you, then one day pull the hot cold, would you think it might be time for you to take a look at moving things forward?

    • I'm not the guy in question but generally in these situations, I give a few days of space then ask. If a person seems a little distant then we don't wanna be seen as needy. Sad but that's how it is.

      This is just from my experience.

  • 1 no, its not up to me.
    2 sorta yes
    but ether way the girl has to approach and ask the guy she wants out, because guys are naturally rejected by girls, and girls are usually not rejected by guys, so its up to the girl and it has always been up to the girl to make the moves.

    • I have asked him, each time he is being elusive to the point where i know he's trying to get me through all of his "tests" without him ever admitting it

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    • How can i show him when we aren't even dating?

    • be with him a lot.

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