Would you date a guy younger than you, like 10 years younger?

What if he was younger but taller than you?
I've dated 2 females who were older.
One was 36 while i was 22 at the time.
Im 5' 10 now but at that time i was 5-9 1/4 also a bit slim compared to now..

She was 36, big booty , thick thighs, fake boobs, and i picked up on her when i had an M-6 before i crashed it. Makes me wonder if my car is the one thing that gave me a chance with her. Besides me I've never seen a youngster with a woman that age.
I also had a 23 year old girlfriend at 19 but she looked much younger.
Would you date a younger guy?
If not explain why?
Have you?


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  • 10 years younger would be illegal lol. But no, I generally prefer older guys that are more mature and have their lives together. My current and hopefullly last guy is a lot older than me and were a good match.


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  • It's strange, but I personally don't like women my age or older for that matter. The girl I'm dating right now is 10 years younger than me (i'm 35, I dunno why this thing says I'm 37, but whatever)


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  • Notts

  • Yes if he was as cute as you <3

  • I haven't and I wouldn't. Why? Well because most younger guys honestly don't know what they want and don't want anything serious. If I'm gonna be in a relationship I want something serious and want someone who knows what he wants. Young guys are usually (not all guys) in a stage of partying , getting laid, no commitment, enjoying life and that's great and all but there comes a point in time where that ets tiring. At 23 most guys (again not all) younger than myself are still in the partying stage.

    • Well maybe it has a lot to do where you meet these people..
      I've been wanting a family since age 21 and I've been ready.
      but I've been meeting the wrong girls too, not the party type but more of the prejudice type since most of my relationships have been interracial.
      But if you meet guys at the club or on dating sites then it will most likely be a fuckboy

    • Well most guys that I see are at college and the like so most are younger and are in the partying stage. Could be location though Miami is pretty crazy. But for the most part I have to much in my plate to date anyway classes, work, homework just too much. I don't go clubbing or on dating sites. I'm pretty old school when it comes to dating haha

    • Ok i see i see

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