Should I call a quits on this guy?

Okay so this is because of an awkward situation.

So I REALLY like this guy from work. However I don't see him as much as you'd think, it's a big place, he works in another department. He treats me perfectly well, and if he's leaving before me, always makes sure to go out of his way to come and say good bye to me.

However the ISSUE, is that his MOTHER works in the same department as me. So it makes things pretty awkward in the flirting department if he comes down to see me and she happens to be near because there's no telling when we'll be working by each other or not. One time even he came down to flirt a bit, but didn't see her when he started. And so she pops out of NOWHERE and is like "BOY I SEE YOU FLIRTING!". She wasn't mad or anything, in fact she seemed to think it was rather funny. But I think she succeeded in embarassing him real well.

He left pretty quickly after that. But it's so awkward, should I keep trying to get with this guy even though I work so closely with what could possibly be my future mother in law?

  • Yeah go for it
  • Nope, way too awkward
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  • Sounds like he's really into you. Don't let working with his mom stop you. At least you are in different departments of the building so there's no real conflict of interest. The mom situation, yeah that's kind of out of the ordinary, but it doesn't sound like she cares, seems like she's just making things more awkward to have fun with it.

    • Well I mean, I really like his mom. She's funny and we play games when we work near each other. Nothing big, but we'll like compete on little stuff. However she's absolutely clueless about how close me and her son have gotten, so it's like "I don't want her to hate me O_o"

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    • Yeah little inside info there, if the guy talks to his mom at all, she knows he's single and probably trying to hook him with "nice girls" lol. If she knows you're single and see's him talking to you I would bet good money she already told him to ask you out. I mean I could be totally wrong, its not like everyone works the same as my experience, but I will say I don't see you having much to worry about at all.

    • Oh he talks to her all the time. I mean I don't think he's like a "mama's boy" but whenever he says good bye to me, he goes and says good bye to her as well. So it's pretty clear they've got a good relationship, which actually makes me more attracted to him because, yeah, how men treat their mothers is very telling of how they'll treat you.

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