How to be better when it comes to talking/approaching girls?


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  • What are you doing now that makes you feel your interactions with women are not successful? I think that might be a good place to start. Whenever a person asks me for advice on stuff like this, usually they are slightly aware of at least some of the problems that are holding them back.

    The next step is think about interactions where you felt successful and then think about what you did during those interactions. Did you have lots of confidence? What was going on at that time, where there other people with you?

    Definitely practice though. Because it's only with practice that you are going to be able to talk to girls with ease. Plus also realize that you will never reach a point where 100 percent of your interactions are going to go super smooth and result in success. You will always strike out with some, so also keep that in mind. Also remember that for everyone you strike out with, you will eventually meet someone who will enjoy talking with you. Eventually you will be successful.

    Talk to friends who you think are successful with girls and see if they can give you some tips. Even going out and people watching can give you some ideas as to what to do to approach girls.


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  • I tell this same thing to everyone on here with the question. I'll keep this short because its simple to say, but takes a lot of work in practice. Essentially its the "act as if" mentality. You have to approach girls acting as if you have 10 other girls texting you right now, and the outcome of your interaction will have no bearing on your feeling. IE being confident, and not needy. If you don't have it, fake it till you make it.

    Start where ever you feel most comfortable, social gatherings like the bar, or parties tend to be the easiest place instead of jumping right into to stopping girls on the street with all their friends around, however its not really hard to get to that point if you want to be there.

    Try to find fun and amusement in talking to girls, if you think its awkward that you just ran out something to say, she will sense it. If you don't care you just ran out of things to say she won't care either. You could just stand there and stare at her and if you seem like you're comfortable doing so she'll probably start rambling about some non-sense.

    Most importantly stand your ground and don't say you like something just because she does, if you think her favorite show sucks, tell her. Its so obvious when you are just agreeing with everything in hopes of finding something in common, have an opinion.


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  • just keep doing it

  • I guess practice through anything

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