How do I fix this silly mistake?

Hi everyone, met a guy on IG a week ago while I was using a fake profile to confirm some details about someone else while maintaining my anonymity and using fake pictures etc. However, while I was doing that this guy and I connected and really clicked. He was texting me a lot and I was very responsive. 2 days after texting back and forth I tell him the truth, he says he suspected but took his chances anyway. He'd asked for my whatsapp I gave him my number and again we text a lot and gotten to know each other a little more, he calls me on his lunch break and we talk for a bit. Then text a lot the next day, then I don't hear from him for 2 days. I didn't reach out until end of the next day with a picture message of something we talked about, he responds but seems short with his texting. I mirror him in my responses. I'm confused cos I thought we went past this incident. After a day's silence he reaches out with a short compliment re my dp "hot pic". I texted " lame guy" he texts "thanks for insulting me". I text him "are you still mad about the ig thing, what's up" and he texts "lol no, I don't mind. You're a lady" wtf? I haven't responded yet cos I'm really not sure what's up with him. I do like him but at the same time I don't chase any guy so how can I rectify this situation? Or is it just a case of he's not that into me and I should move on? Let me know your thoughts on this guys and girls!!


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  • What a cluster fuck... lol, if you don't chase guys than don't chase him. I've always said don't try to read someone based off their communication patterns, read them off their in person patterns. Hang out with him.

    • Lol I know! Thanks for responding. And I agree, go only by their actions. Any suggestions on how to approach this gracefully?

    • He might be being stubborn as well since you never texted him back, maybe he's sitting there saying, well I'm not going to text her if she isn't going to text me back. I hate going through this stuff. I really only reach out to girls to make plans to see them in person, its avoids the entire mess.

      Shoot him a text in a couple days, send him a funny meme or just say checking to make sure you didn't die. Whatever it is, don't bring up the ig stuff anymore, don't assume he's mad at you because of it, just try a little reset and see if things move on or if he still gets distant.

    • Thanks again. Sounds like a very good suggestion. Will definitely try this approach

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  • Well it seems you're not a real interest to him anymore. No necessarily because he thinks your fake self was hotter physically than your real self, but most likely because you lied. He may feel you can't trust him. In my experience, when I was lead on by a guy and then space would go between when we talked, it ended all together shortly after. They'd tell me they weren't interested anymore.

    • Thanks for your reply. He himself admitted that I look way better than the person I've used their pics and I've explained to him it was only for cover and not necessarily based on looks.

    • Oooh okay. That's good!!

    • I wanna see now lol

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