Why would he still look at my snapchat stories after saying this?

So this guy and I have been talking for quite a few months now, he gives me mixed signals like crazy and is always wishy washy when it comes to making plans. A few days ago I texted him asking if he still wanted to hang out this week, it had been almost 2 hours with no response and in that time I had realized I had no gas to get to him anyways (all the gas stations were out), so I texted him "never mind" because I wouldn't be able to make it anyways. He responded immediately saying "literally fuck off"... I proceeded to freak out a little because it was completely out of no where, and then he said "it has nothing to do with you so stop fucking bothering me for Christ sake." I responded to him saying I hoped his day got better and sent a funny video too and haven't heard a word from him since. It's been 3 days now and he still hasn't talked to me and I refuse to talk to him first after that, but he has been watching every single one of my snapchat stories. Half the time he's one of the first to watch it. I guess I just don't understand why he would still look at them? Like if I'm so annoying and he wanted me to "fuck off" then why even bother looking? It just seems to me like "literally fuck off... oh but wait I still want to know what you're up to"? It just doesn't make any sense to me. Any helpful advice? Or am I just overthinking this way too much?


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  • Rachael said it the harsh way, but she is right. You are wasting time on this guy, and by messaging him after saying something like that makes you seem... desperate... a little off I guess. Best to just block him and move on

    • I'm not planning on talking to him ever again. I've never been told to fuck off before and honestly it was so disrespectful and rude and makes me look at him completely differently. I just don't understand why he would still look because if I ever told someone to fuck off I sure as hell wouldn't waste my time looking at what's going on in their life

    • Well, here's one reason why. Maybe your story is just in his feed, and he clicks it so he doesn't have the alert anymore. I mean, sometimes I just view all my stories and not watch a single one because I don't want the alert anymore. Secondly, if anyone, and I mean ANYONE, tells you to fuck off, they are not worth it. I'm sure you are a beautiful, loving, caring girl, and there will be more guys down the road. Stop talking to him all together, and if he ever wants to contact you again, you can tell him to go fuck himself, because even if he makes an apology, how could you trust someone like that? Just hang in there, be strong. As I said above, that may be one reason he is viewing your stories, but in the end, just keep moving forward, I'm sure it will all get better.

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  • Why the hell do you still want to talk to him? Forget him. He's unstable, immature, and a total ass.

    • I'm worried for you.

    • Why are you worried for me lol? I never said I still wanted to talk to him, I was just confused why he would still look after being so mean

    • You tried to cheer him up after he cussed you out for no reason and told you to leave him the fuck alone

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