Tinder date ideas?

i'm talking to this guy and we wanna meet up but what's a good first date idea? he suggested a movie but i would prefer a more public setting!!


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  • God he sucks lol. Movie is the very worst first date there could possibly be. Hey lets sit in the dark and not talk for 2 hours together, it will be awesome.

    I personally find that trying to do anything beyond going out for dinner is about all you need to spend a couple hours with someone and see if you click. You don't HAVE to go do something totally crazy. However I am against day dates, if a girl says lets do lunch, I'll always shift it to dinner. I'm not sure why, but lunch or day type actives seem more like a friend thing to do.

    And don't tell him to come out with your friends, its enough pressure trying to meet one new person off tinder, not them and their entire posse lol.

    • LMAO i thought the same thing about the movie date!! how are two people going to get to know each other by siting in silence!!

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  • park out to eat w friends


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