What does he mean? Is it good or bad?

I confessed to a guy I've been talking to for awhile now. He initiated the conversation from the start and we both began flirting and clicking after a while. When I confessed he said he wanted to get to know me better and that he "liked" too see where this was headed. He also said he couldn't say he didn't feel the same way. We're both college students in the same University. Why can't guys just be straight forward? I'm inexperienced so I apologize if I sound oblivious.


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  • If you've been talking for awhile he probably already knows whether he's into you or not. Saying he can't say he doesn't feel the same way is certainly a good sign, but you should have asked him that same question. Seriously just give me a straight answer here.

    I mean you didn't really make it clear, did you ask him to be your boyfriend, or just tell him that you liked him? If he was into you he should of just kissed you on the spot instead of weaseling around with well I want to see where this is heading.

  • I think he's sensible here. He wants to get to know you better before committing to a relationship.


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