Scorpio ladies, if a pisces tried to make you jealous, would you want him more or hate him?

There's this girl I like, I'm not 100% sure if she's into me though. I made a post on my snapchat pondering if this girl likes me or like-likes me. I left it ambiguous because I didn't want her to know who I was talking about. (Spoiler: It was her.) After that, she's been a bit funny since she saw it, .. she flaked out on some group work and told me that she had to help her nanna move to a nursing home and I was wondering if maybe she was lying and I've just unwittingly scorned the scorpio? Or am I just reading too much into this?


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  • LOL at the idea of a Pisces manipulating a Scopio XD

    Stick to your strengths and stop trying to play stupid games


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  • You do realize that astrology is no different than believing a fortune cookie right?

    Anyways, instead of being sneaky and wondering just talk to the girl and ask her out. Why sit around wondering about it all the damn time when you can just sack up and ask her out. Its so much less stress on yourself.

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