Did I accidentally ghost girl?

I feel bad?

I really liked this girl, but she might have led me on or just was friendly.

We talked a lot, and she must have known that I liked her.

Anyway I saw her with her boyfriend and was hurt and completely stopped talking to her.

She did ask me if I was alright once, I said I was fine. But I wasn't...

She tried talking to me, even telling me about she got into a fight with her boyfriend...

A year later I realized, maybe she didn't know that I liked her... and was upset that I stopped talking to her...

So I tried talking to her now, just to apologize and explain but she gave me the cold shoulder...

I don't know what to do... I feel like I may have hurt her because she didn't realize I like her?

But on the otherside, if she did lead me on she doesn't care at all about me.


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  • Don't be so hard on yourself: even if she liked you you couldn't be expected to know that because she never showed it you, had a boyfriend and actually talked to you about him. You did the smart thing given the information you had at the time and if she's being a bitch about that now she may not have been good for you anyway.

    • I am really hard on myself, I really overthink everything that happened because I really liked her... She never told me about her boyfriend until I saw him :( I saw them together and it really sucked... She is bad news, but for some reason I still have feelings...

    • It was what I felt at the time, so I guess it was the right decision...

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  • Don't feel bad she was wasting your time early on by leasing you on when she has a boyfriend so you shouldn't feel bad about her feelings if she couldn't give your feelings the same courtesy early on.

    • I guess I'll never know...

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