Guys! What if a girl you're into say this to you... girls have you been here before?

So me and this guy have been dating exclusive for almost 3yrs. He's her first everything (first love, first sex partner etc) around the time he talked about relationships, he lost his business and completely shut down. Fast forward to now, he's getting himself back on track with his new company. Yes I know that takes a lot of time and energy etc. I feel like I've been very supportive during his hard time. Although we have gotten into some arguments because I feel like he pays me no attention some how we attach back together. Recently he's become really busy, I reach out time from time while also giving him his space. I also reach out asking if he wants to link up for a bite to eat or link up for drinks but he can never commit or would agree and something comes up.

First thing was he's dealing with his business, then I wonder if it's somebody else. Lately a male friend of mind been really attentive. He calls/ text me asking how my day went blasé blase. He reached out asking if I wanted to go out sometime. I don't know I what to do? I wanted to tell the guy that I've been with so it doesn't seem sneaky b/c of the shoe was on the other foot I would want him to do the same. But I don't know if me telling him would shake him up or make him more distant.

If the girl you say you love or care about continuously ask you to hang out with her but you always let her down. How would you feel if she told you some guy wanted to take her out, and her reasoning of telling you was because she didn't want anything to seem sneaky. Girls, have you had a situation like this and what was the outcome?


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  • your guy that u have been with for 3yrs obviously isn't giving u the attention that u want so go with the other guy out i mean y'all are just friends anyways. If I was the man you been with for three years I wouldn't want u to do it probably but I could see why ur wanting to do it.

    • So should I tell him I'm going on this date. If I decide to go?

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    • Maybe he's just too involved in his career. He just expects u to be there with him but obviously ur getting bored. So yeah just tell him like "Hey I'm going out with one of my guy friends". and he better say ok but if he doesn't... uhh I don't know what you're going to do

    • Ok thank you, hopefully it doesn't back fire

  • From a male pov, I got too involved in my career and lost an ex. We need to be told clearly what's happening and what the consequences are.

    • Sorry for the copy and paste I meant to send this to you not the other person... oops lol

      How do you think I should approach this situation? How should I tell him?

      And he's very involved in his career and don't get me wrong I like that he's getting himself together but it's like can you spare an hour or two for me? The one that have been very supportive and there for this up and down roller coaster ride.

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    • Remember, you need to be very, very clear and concrete. "I need 1 hour every other day, and 3 hours once a week. We need to go to XX, YY, ZZ, once a month. If it dips below 5 hours a month for more than 1 month, then we will separate. If that goes on for 3 months, I'm going to, unhappily, leave you and find someone else.

    • Update! I told him that a guy friend of mine wanted to to take me out and I'm letting him know because I want to be open, honest, and didn't want things to seem sneaky. He called me and said "It's kool, I'm not mad... that would be selfish of me and I know right now I can't give you the time you deserve because I'm focused on my career". I don't know why but I felt like that was the end of us. Even tho I don't like this other guy... going out is just something to do. I love the guy I'm with but like he said he's focused on his career and don't have the time

  • It's better to be transparent in a replationship... tell me


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