How can a girl know if your first date with a guy went well?

Tell me...How can a girl know if your first date with a guy went well and if he is still interested after the first meeting? Is there signs you look for on and after the date?

please help..



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  • I know Ephram says that guys don't fake looking happy, but I have definitely experienced first dates where you end it, all seems great, but then nothing much comes of it. Also, what a guy is interested in after a first meeting can be different than what you think. He may be open to a sexual fling but nothing more than that. Hard to tell.

    So, my surefire way of knowing what is going on is to 1) have patience and 2) wait for the next date and then 3) wait for the next date after that. As I see how much the guy contacts me, if he calls me or just texts me, if he keeps trying to get to know me or just tries for some makeout sessions, then I know where things are headed. Short of that, it's like trying to read minds.

    • Wow, your comment hit home...really helpful.

      see that's what's I was wondering...he texts me still..but not as much as usual...Before he use to be very flirty and always trying to be kinky..but I always reject any sort of kinky talk..when he met me there was no kiss, or any form of flirting..he left and We hugged goodbye. Now I'm wondering, is he not tecting me as much because I am not willing to be a quick get off with him? If so, what should I do. I dnt wana loose him tho?

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    • Reason I say this is because, I think I'm just in that place where I know what type of guy I want, and I am in the right mind set for the right type of relationship..he seemed to be everything that hoped he would be...except, I wonder tho if he probably is still enjoying playing the field..and he saw that I am not that kinda girl that won't just give it away easily. I really like him..should I let go?

    • I personally would let it go. You should look for more than this. FYI, texting is a very, very unemotional form of communication. Further, guys are very visual, and until you actually meet a guy in person, well you cannot know how they will connect with you. You could be very attractive, but if you are not his physical type, it won't go anywhere, particularly if all he was interested in was a fling. Sounds like a guy who just isn't that interested. Good luck!

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  • A second date is a good sign.

    • Or already making plans for a second date while the first one hasn't ended yet ;)

  • If he clearly looks happy while dropping you off, that's a good sign. :'D We don't fake that...

  • if he's not held back by being shy at least one of the following must have taken place: a hug, a kiss (anywhere), or a hint of a second date. if none of them happened, don't get your hopes up. if one of them happened it's a good sign.


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