Is this guy too private about his life or what?

So my friend has a girlfriend He always claimed he trusted me. But for months he was dating her and never told me. Anyways she always posts pictures on snapchat & instagrama of them. He only likes them but never comments. For months he has never posted anything about her on his snapchat or IG. I know many people dont like to post anything on social media but come on isn't this way to private. ir what. I just find this to be weird he was my friend but sometimes it was hard to understand him. So I decide to stop talking to him instead So what do u all think?


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  • Why do you care tho, I think that's the weird part

    • Maybe Jealous

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    • Besides he always told me he likes to be private about his personal life but isn't this to much?

    • Ah ok that's understandable, he probs didn't want you to know cuz it would hurt you

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  • Sounds like a jealousy situation. You want the D. Guys are just more private. Outta his business now "friend"