There are more single men than single women between the ages of 18-30, does that mean many men will remain single, why are there more men than women?


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  • Cause guys like to hoe around rather then settle? Duh

    • Not this man :), even though I have never had a girlfriend lol 😂.

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    • Well I'm not like that, Even though I'm a virgin, i wouldn't want to be a player or sleep around because I'm afraid of getting a girl pregnant or stds.

    • Dam good game

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  • You have to understand what's behind those results as well. I'd assume they could only survey what people told them and typically women are more relationship orientated than men are therefore more women were prepared to identify themselves as being in a relationship than men were. I know many guys who don't want to be in a relationship and prefer hookups etc. I think far more men in that age group are more likely to not want to settle down and try many different women and therefore remain single whereas far more women in that age group are more prepared to settle down into a relationship and not hook up with a different guy every week. But these stats really don't mean that much, it's not like there's a shortage of single women out there.

    • Good point I didn't think about that, more women identifying as in a relationship compared to men who want to be with different women identifying as single.

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