Went out with this guy, need advice?

So I went out with this guy, he took me to a concert. He was great, like beyond perfect, for me at least. He was super about me and everything. It was so perfect. But my question is this. He was drinking/ slightly drunk, but kept on saying how he wanted to take dance lessons with me, take me to more concerts, take me out for dinner etc. By the time I had to leave, we'd hung out for like 6hrs straight. He walked me to my car and everything and was like "I'd ask you to text me when you got home but I'm sure you'll never text me again, wanna see me." so when I got home I did text him. He got back to me this morning and said he had a blast. I said good morning and then he was like "yes it is" I just don't know if that was a shut down, like he didn't wanna talk to me and maybe last night wasn't as great as he thought or what. He hasn't text me asking me anything. Should I just wait for him to text me again?


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  • I would let him pursue me!

    • Do you think I've really likes me or it was just the alcohol?

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    • ok makes sense. I guess if he wants to get ahold of me he can. Another question, we hung out with his bff that night, his best frond ask to add me on snap and I didn't see the problem but now he is sending me snaps and stuff, not a big deal, except I haven't really text the guy I went out with back and I don't know the best friends intentions.

    • If you want to snap chat with the friend, why not? but find out about the guy first if you really like him, I wouldn't mess that up. Be patient a few days, if you get nothing, all is fair game!

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