What to get back at this girl who stood me up?

We were supposed to meet up for the first time at a night club. When I arrived she told me she met someone she really likes and asked if she could make it up to me.

I told her to make it up to me by coming to my condo. She didn't respond. Then I told sent her a photo of my middle finger and say this is what she deserves until she makes it up to me.

She replied the next day and say she is still with this guy whom she just met last night. She asked if I ended up with anyone after she flaked on me


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  • By the way you describe it sounded like you were meeting up for a "hook up" and not a real date?

    I'm guessing she might thought you both are expecting a casual hook up and she is being upfront with you and offer to hook up with you later.

    Not sure what you meant by "get back" at her. if you really want to sleep with her keep the communication going. or you can agree to meet up and then give her a taste of her own medicine.

    • She said she is looking for a boyfriend but from the way she talks it sounded more like she is looking for dicks

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    • I realize there is nothing serious, but she is pushing it too far

    • If it's only one thing you are after just keep it going. Either way I don't think she would be upset or offended in things you do.

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  • Why meet up at a club? Sending a picture of your middle finger is childish.

    When she said she met someone else you should have said okay and moved on.

    • She said she met a guy she really likes BUT she still ask to meet. She is collecting fuck buddies. Not boyfriends. I went all the way there because of all the things she said she would do to me.

      She responded positively to my middle finger, she agrees that she owes me.

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    • It's the same all around. If a person doesn't show up for a date, move on. Unless you know that person It pointless to try and right that wrong. They really were not interested.

    • Why bother begging me to go and with all those sex talk?

  • She's not into you, you're not into her. Stop communicating. Who the hell tries to "get back" at someone for standing them up...

    • I'm good looking and she digs my wealth. It was her who brought up all the sex talk. It wasn't me.

    • Wow you sound like such a douche. Good luuck in life, you'll need it

  • Lol that sounds like something I would do

  • Lol wow, you're really childish.

    • The girl who stood me up is real mature

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  • Not to be an ass dude but this is 100% your fault.

    Are you as a 36-45 year old male going to look for friends at a playground?

    Then don't go looking for girlfriends at a nightclub.

    They are there to get laid.

    The best way to "get back at her" is to not "get back at her". Show her that you don't give a flying fuck about her. Her poor panties will be tied in a knot knowing that a guy doesn't give a flying fuck about her. Trust me when I say there are 10 more guys trying to "get back at her".

    • A brother should support a brother? come on. I'm in my 30s. I'm rich and successful and not desperate for a girlfriend, I have enough women throwing themselves at me for the things I've got.

      What the fuck is wrong with this girl, she begging me to see her at the nightclub, but declined dinner plans in the week, I was going to take her to somewhere decent.

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    • @Lemongrass123 if you want to talk just use your own answer, stop hijacking this dude's answer. I was being a gentleman to offer to take her to nice restaurants. She brought up the idea of meeting at nightclub. I have no respect for hos

    • dude I told her it's cool for her to stand me up, as I need a good night sleep so I can see other girls. I jokingly asked if they are still in bed after 12 hrs

      She responded they are and that dude has a massive dick. she told me to have fun fucking those girls. what kind of woman brag about hook up in such details..