I'm really crazy about this girl, what do I do?

I've known this girl for over a year and talked to her lots when I first met her, she just got out of a relationship and I didn't want to be her rebound so I didn't take it very far with her, only got up to kissing. Then for about 7 months we stopped talking. Anyways we started talking again everyday. I took her out on some really nice dates and she even invited me over to meet her entire family for Easter dinner. She always wanted me to text her when I got home so that she knew I was safe and she told me that she likes me and that she a little nervous and needs me to bare with her. I said I could, however its been just over a week and she seems unresponsive now. She sometimes replies to my texts now and on FB she leaves without saying bye. and I've tried to set up another date with her but she says she doesn't have the time cause her final exams are in two weeks. today I have the whole day off of work and she has the whole day off school, she said she was going to take her dog for a walk and I offered my company but she said no thanks. I'm not sure what to do.

everyone says give her space, which I agree, but they say don't give her too much or she will wonder why your not talking to her, I find this to be unhelpful


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  • Bro you gotta stay out the friend zone...(?)= Friend Zone

    You kissed her, very good for you, but you can still can be in the friend zone... (?)

    Let her know what your intentions are keep it real... when you want something, you gotta go and get it!

    Then give her space until she's ready.

    But if she say she wants to just be single and have a good time? she is dating other guys.

    Let her know when you free and tell her to hit you up...

    If you eva eva do hit that "PUT IN WORK" grab a red bull, get you some wings... something.. sh*t don't let her second guess you after that.. bro...


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  • Id say give her some space, she may want some time to be single. And maybe ask her to just hang out, maybe with a few other friends. That way there is no presser. It sounds like she just needs some time so give it to her. One week is not enuf.


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  • How much are you messaging/texting this girl? It sounds like maybe you're coming on too strong... perhaps try backing off and not messaging her for several days. Give her some time to miss you.

    • I try to keep it down to one text a day but if it strikes up a conversation then I just go with it.

    • I'd say lower it to one text every 2-4 days.