Do guys miss their girlfriends when they're gone for a long time?

I was just wondering cause we are on a 2 and a half week break. And yes I can contact him but he told me not to since he's going to be spending time with his parents for the break. I left to go to california the day before he left for his parents in South Carolina (our college is in Montana). Now keep this next part in mind. He dropped me off the airport and as they announced my flight was going to leave in an hour, I smiled at him and wanted to hug him because I was going to miss him so much but he didn't hug me or say goodbye or kissed me or even said I'll miss you. As soon as I looked back at him to hug him, he was already walking away to his car. I called his name loud enough, but he just kept running till he got to his car and drove away. He wasn't in a rush to get to somewhere else cause he told me he had nothing to do the day he's dropping me off. This next part may seem dramatic but I just cried when he drove away and I kept on crying even when I was on the plane. I'm in California right now still feeling sad and wondering if there will be a point during the break where he will miss me and maybe realize that he shouldn't of dropped me off at the airport without saying goodbye. I really miss him even though the break just started but he didn't even say goodbye to me or hug me or kiss me or even look at me. Will he miss me? (Btw we haven't been in any fights and we've been together for almost half a year now)


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  • Doesn't sound good for you


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