Girls, does she hate me?

In the 8th grade there was a girl i had a crush on forever, she was very beautiful, nice, sweet, funny, she was everything i wanted in a woman, PLUS she was a brunette, which is one of my three types. Problem was, i was nervous about asking her out bc she was out of my league, i felt. Eventually i approached her and asked her out and to my dismay she said no but she would be ok with lunch AS A FRIEND. The date we had agreed upon, she claimed she forgot. Sure we had a makeup date but it didn't feel the same. i got her number from a friend but a month later she explained she wouldn't date me because she doesn't date till college. I let slip that i loved her but she never texted back. I'm in 12th grade now.
EDIT: Her name is Mianna Muscott
EDIT: One time i thought she texted back but it was my mind playing tricks


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  • Sweetie, she doesn't *hate* you but I can guarantee she doesn't like you. She probably felt sorry for you and didn't want to hurt your feelings and that is why she agreed to those dates. The "I'm not going to date till college?" That's probably an excuse so that she doesn't have to go out with you without hurting your feelings. If I was in her situation and the guy told me he loved me I'd have a heart attack and not respond so that I wouldn't have to brutally tell you that I didn't like you. Let her go. Try your best to move on, and accept the reality that what you felt was not love, it was probably just infatuation. I mean, how often did you talk to this girl? How much did you know about her? If the answer to both those questions is 'a lot' then it MIGHT have been love. Either way, move on, she's not interested and if you continue (im sorry for using this word) pestering her, she will eventually find you annoying and creepy. Show her she's not your entire world.

    • its been 3yrs and im far since over it; just its been in the back of my mind