What should I do about this girl I like?

So I really like this girl. We have been talking for a while and I like having out with her but I don't know if she likes me. I am open to answer any questions that would help you tell me what to do but I can't decide if I should tell her that I like her or ask her out or what.


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  • I think you should tell her. 😏

    • Can you explain on how I would go about telling her?

    • Uhmm.. I'm not really a good love adviser but maybe u should start sending her messages at least thrice a week. Ask about how her day went or u could talk about anything. Do you go on the same school?

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  • How long have you been dating? if its been a couple of months (5 or more months) or you felt like you have established a very good freindship with her, then I'd start to consider asking her out. When i say a "good friendship" i mean a friendship where you can open up about anything with her comfortably and she can open up to you comfortably. make sure the time i right! and good luck!