How well should you know someone before asking them out?

There's this girl from my class whom I can't stop thinking about, even though we met just about two weeks ago as the semester started and we've only had a few very brief conversations.
I've never dated anyone yet - in fact, I haven't even properly asked a girl out, so my experience is as limited as it could be. How should I proceed so that it isn't awkward? I don't want to ruin this.

(Yes, I know I probably sound like I'm 14)


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  • Lol even grandparents in love sound like they are 14.
    Often when your asking some one out your doing so to get to know them better. If your friends then your dating to get to know her romantically. If you don't know her much then your dating in order to get to know her. Don't let not knowing her much stop you from asking her out.
    Also you might want to mention that you want to get to know her more. Cause she will like you going after her mind and not her body.

    • So would you recommend not rushing anything and looking for opportunities to talk to her casually (e. g. in a group of classmates and mutual friends), or would you rather not beat around the bush and ask her out as soon as you can?
      (Now I sound like I'm 13. Maybe I should stop talking.)

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    • Your welcome

    • Thanks for mho

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  • I recommend at least knowing thier name and having at least a 3 minute conversation.

    • Already there, of course. It doesn't seem enough though.

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    • Did your previous conversations go well? If so you might already have raport.

      A good way to tell if you have raport is if the other person laughs just because you laugh. For example, just go up next to her, tap her on the should, and just say hey. She'll say hey, say hey again, then she will say hey again, then you say hey a third time while smiling and laughing. If she laughs to then thats a really good sign. Then ask her out right away. "Lets go out for coffee, what evenings are you free?".

      If she doesn't laugh, then you don't have raport. Tease her, tell her to laugh and have some fun, then transition into some conversation to build raport.

    • I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to make this look and sound natural. I don't act like this usually, especially not with people I don't know very well.